Sep 28, 2007

Curly Vector Brushes

Curly Vector Brushes
Description: These are cool curly vector brushes . This photoshop curly vector brush set is made by Barbara (female, USA). She is 59 and still holding as she says. She has also made some fabulous wallpapers which you can at her site. Thanks to her for this beautiful and free photoshop brush set.

Just copy paste this photoshop curly vector brushes *.abr file to your local Photoshop brushes directory and thats it.

Download this curly vector brush set

Sep 24, 2007

CS2 Floral Brushes

Description: Another great collection of photoshop floral brushes. Made by sleepwalkerfish (Female/ Hungry). Her excellent gallery is here. She says:
20 floral brushes made in PSCS2, all about 500 px. .zip file includes .png images.

These are not those pretty vector image brushes that you can use as stamps - they seem quite fuzzy at first sight. They're best used for backgrounds and textures as blend; play with the settings at the shape dynamics and the scattering as I did in the preview (it shows only one brush). Have fun!

Download This Brush Set

Sep 21, 2007

Fractals Like Nebula Brushes

Fractals Like Nebula Brushes
Description: These Fractals Like Nebula Photoshop Brushes are made by Ali Sutter (Female-USA). These are Fractals and Nebula's that looks like fractals. The folder contains 15 PhotoShop brushes and 15 PNG images for 7.0 user to convert into brushes if these don't work for 7.0. Ali Sutter has done some good works and you can see them at her gallery.

Download This Brush Set

Sep 18, 2007

Top 5 Photoshop Brushes

Description: These are Top 5 Photoshop Brushes of this blog. All of you must know by now that these photoshop brushes belongs to their respective authors and this blog is mere collection of best of them. These are Top 5 Photoshop Brushes by hits they received 1st to 18th September 2007.

#1 Photoshop CS2 Floral Vector Brush Set.

This brush set has got just over 2200 hits at the time of this post. This great Photoshop CS 2 floral vector brush set is created by Madsatsuki (Female, Italy). This is part of the series Adobe Photoshop Brushes. You can use this brush set from Photoshop 7 to Photoshop cs3.

#2 Paint Splatter Photoshop Brushes

This brush set has got just over 1800 hits at the time of this post. This Paint Splatter Photoshop Brushes are made by Grace Callaghan from UK. She has done some excellent work. I have checked this free photoshop brushes on all versions. From Photoshop 7 to Photoshop cs3 and they are working perfectly. This set contains 13 brushes in total.

#3 Blood Brush Pack

This brush set also has got over 1800 hits at the time of this post. This awesome blood brush pack is created by another female artist from Canada named Heather.

#4 Photoshop CS Vector Brush Set

This brush set has got over 1700 hits at the time of this post. Also this excellent vector brush set is for working with Photoshop 7, Photoshop CS, CS2 and CS3 too. This vector brush set is made by Dana Czar, California, USA. as well.

#5 Free Photoshop Brush Set

This brush set has got just over 1700 hits at the time of this post. This excellent brush set is made by Smashmethod. He is a graphic designer from Michigan, USA.

These are Top 5 Photoshop Brushes from this blog

Sep 15, 2007

Flowery Vector Brush Set

Flowery Vector Brush Set
Description: This Flowery Vector Brush Set is made by Paolo from Italy. He has a great gallery of his works. I found this photoshop brush set very creative. Please check the owner page for commercial use of it. I take care to post brushes which are absolutely free for non-commercial use.

Download This Flowery Vector brush set here

Sep 7, 2007

Photoshop Shapes - Hot babes Silhouettes

Photoshop Shapes - Hot babes SilhouettesDescription: Now here is a pack of awesome photoshop shapes . These are (as you can see) silhouettes of sexy babes. Very very useful stuff. As a graphic designer myself i know the importance of these great collector stuff. These super photoshop shapes pack is made by Jana Werner from USA. First of all she is exceptionally gifted photographer and photoshop artist.

Download Photoshop Shapes here

Sep 4, 2007

Vector Brushes

Description: This photoshop vector brush set is made by a another female artist named Tinchen from Germany. One thing is strange that every brush set I'm choosing to post, are turning out from a female artist. Nevertheless, this is a very useful vector brushes for all your creative needs. you can visit Tinchen's Gallery at deviantart

Download vector brushes

Sep 2, 2007

Tech Vector Photoshop Brushes

Tech Vector Photoshop Brushes
Description: This Tech Vector Photoshop Brushes contains 11 brushes in total. This set is again made by Yasny-chan. Her Previous set was also very gorgeous. I'm very thankful to her as she has given me permission to share it with you through my blog. Her Gallery

download brush set