Sep 28, 2007

Curly Vector Brushes

Curly Vector Brushes
Description: These are cool curly vector brushes . This photoshop curly vector brush set is made by Barbara (female, USA). She is 59 and still holding as she says. She has also made some fabulous wallpapers which you can at her site. Thanks to her for this beautiful and free photoshop brush set.

Just copy paste this photoshop curly vector brushes *.abr file to your local Photoshop brushes directory and thats it.

Download this curly vector brush set


Supershineygirl said...

This I am in LOVE with!

Thank YOU.

Anonymous said...

thanks, you just made my design! so lovely and intricate.

Ao_Iro said...

Lovely fractal-like brushes! Thank you!

Su said...

beautiful brushes, just perfectly inspiring.
Thanks so much for sharing!