Oct 9, 2007

Fuzzy Photoshop Brushes

Description: These cool fuzzy photoshop brush set is created by Mel Rodicq. She is an great artist from Gloucestershire, UK. Take a Look at her gallery of art. Specially look for "paint" gallery. About this photoshop brush set she says:
7 fuzzy brushes. Hair-like texture. made in PS 7.

Download this photoshop brush set (I'm Sorry friends. download link deleted coz author dont like redistribution of her work)


Mel said...

i have sorted out licensing etc, so if you want to reactivate the brush download thats fine. It was just that ive had copyright/theft problems recently with my designs and tightened up things for a while. New site is here http://melsbrushes.wordpress.com/ and terms of use here: http://melsbrushes.wordpress.com/terms-of-use/

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! this made my day!
Great Work! :D
I wish there where words to describe my happiness :D